VisualCalc for Palm OS

An excellent, totally free scientific calculator

VisualCalc is an advanced programmable scientific calculator with complex, array and matrix operations and graphing.

Summary of features:

  • Real and complex numbers
  • Arrays and matrix manipulation
  • Support for conditional computations and looping
  • Optionally display results in rational fraction format
  • Trigonometric, logarithmic, complex, statistical, matrix functions
  • Solution of linear algebraic equations
  • Unlimited number of user variables
  • Multiline equations with size up to 16 Kbytes
  • Saving equations for further work
  • Function graphs with support for tracing the graphs
  • Separate display for variables and results
  • Automatic calculation mode
  • Ability to interrupt lengthy calculations
  • Support for comments in the equation text
  • Customizable fonts for editing and results

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VisualCalc 1.8

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